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Africa Asia (China, Japan, and Related) European Continent Germany
India, Indonesia, and Related Middle Eastern Miscellaneous Russia and USSR Related
North America (other than USA) Central and South America United Kingdom United States

Below are the images of selected knives used in selected countries. I will add to this from time to time - mainly upon request - when identification of a certain knife is requested.
My intent is to help the novice collector, not to help line the pockets of pseudo antique dealers.
The best advice I can offer to the novice collector is, "READ BOOKS."
There are a number of wonderful books available and below I have listed some of my favorites.

List of Books:
"Daggers and Fighting Knives of the Western World - from the Stone Age till 1900" - by Harold L. Peterson - Walker & Company
"Levines Guide to Knives and Their Values" by Bernard Levine - DBI Books, Inc.
"Official Price Guide to Collector's Knives" by C. Houston Price - House of Collectibles
"American Premium Guide to Knives and Razors - Identification and Values" by Jim Sargent - Books Americana
"KNIVES, Military Edged Tools & Weapons" by James Marchington - Brassey's Modern Military Equipment
"Living on the Edge, Logos of the Loveless Legend" by Al Williams and Jim Weyer - Weyer International
Africa and Related
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Asia (China, Japan, and Related)
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German "Hunting Sword" or "Gentleman's" Hanger (aka Dagger)

German "Nazi" Heer (Army) Officer's Dagger

German "Nazi" Government Official's Dagger

German "Nazi" Luftwaffe (Air Force) Officer's Dagger, 1st Model

German "Nazi" Luftwaffe (Air Force) Officer's Dagger, 2nd Model

German "Nazi" SA Sturmabeilung Dagger

German "Nazi" RLB Dagger, 1st Model

German "Nazi" RAD Hewer

German "Nazi" Navy "Kriegsmarine" Dagger, 1st Model

German "Nazi" Navy "Kriegsmarine" Dagger, 2nd Model

Hitler Jugend (Youth) Dagger
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European Continent
Spanish Military Knife/Machete, circa 1870
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India, Indonesia, and Related
"Khanjar" Dagger

Indian Folding "Katar" Push-Dagger

Malaysian "Kris" Dagger

Morosan "Barong"

Nepalese "Kukri" (aka "Gurka" Knife)

British Commonwealth Chindit (India) V-44 Survival Knife
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Middle-Eastern and Related

"Khanjar" Dagger
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Russia, USSR and Related
M1907 Russian Trooper's Dagger

Caucasian or Cossack "Kindjal" Knife
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North American (other than USA)
Mexican Military Knife/Machete, circa 1900
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Central and South American
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United Kingdom
James Rogers, Sheffield (England) "Bowie" Style Knife, circa 1850

George Wostenholm, Sheffield (England) "Bowie" Style Knife, circa 1860

Royal Navy Diver's Knife (England), circa WWII

Sykes-Fairbarn Commando Knife (England), circa WWII
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United States
American "Patch" Knife, mid1800s

Civil War Confederate "Arkansas Toothpick" Side Knife

Civil War Confederate "D-Guard Bowie" Knife

Collins "Legitimus", Knife/Machete, circa 1880

"CORN" or "CANE" Knife made from a Civil War era Cavalry Saber

US Model 1873 Entrenching Knife/Tool

US Model 1890 Hunting Knife, circa 1892

US Model 1904 "Bolo" or "Smatchet" Knife

US Model 1909 "Bolo" or "Smatchet" Knife

US Model 1917 "Bolo" or "Smatchet" Knife

US Model 1942 USMC "Bolo" or "Smatchet" Knife

US Model 1917 "Knuckle-Duster" Trench Knife

US Mark 1 "Knuckle-Duster" Trench Knife

US "Knuckle-Duster" Commando/Ranger Knife

US Navy Mark 1 Combat Knife

US Navy and Marine Mark 2 Combat Knife

US M3 Combat/Trench Knife

US Air Force Folding Bail-Out/Survival Knife/Machete

US Navy "Jet" Pilots' Bail-Out/Survival Knife
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