US Model 1861
Naval Cutlass
(aka Model 1860)

Cutlasses are among my favorite swords. They have the appearance of what one envisions as a "buccaneer's" or "pirate's" sword.
The US Model 1861 is a very close copy of a French pattern, but most naval cutlasses of the period were similar.
This sword replaced the Model 1841 Navy CutlassModel 1841 (which looked a lot like the Model 1832 Foot Artillery Sword) and was replaced by the Model 1917, (which was the last cutlass issued by the US Navy).
The hilts are constructed of brass, with brown leather wrapped grip and twisted brass wire (missing on this example).
This pattern was used by North and South during the Civil War.
There are variations, and I have owned about three. These cutlasses are found in various degrees of condition, but mostly on the "well used" side. My "keeper" has a "distressed" appearance.

Below is a modern replica with unauthentic accessories...

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