US Model 1833
Dragoon Saber

This is the first "recognized" major cavalry sword pattern in the early United States and is patterned after a British sword of the 1820's. It is a "heavy cavalry" type and was carried by "mounted infantry" or "Dragoons". These "Dragoons" were trained to ride quickly to a skirmish, dis-mount, and fight on foot. In rare instances they would actually fight on horseback.
The specimen that I have is of iron hilt construction, with brown (almost black) leather-wrapped grip.
Inspector's marks appear on the quillon finial (the curved ball tip of the guard).
There are many variations (imports), mainly from British and German manufacturers.
This sword was replaced by the US Model 1840 "Heavy" Cavalry.

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Complete view of the US Model 1833 Dragoon Sword, Officer's version.
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