Model 1840 Non-Commissioned Officer's Sword

Model 1840 Non-Commissioned Officer's,
(aka "NCO") Sword

This sword is basically the 1840 Musician's Sword with a "semi-clamshell" guard. It's design was heavily influenced by similar English patterns.
The hilt is of solid brass and all embellishments are cast.
The NCO sword could be carried - by regulation - all Non-Commissioned Officers. This includes the ranks of:
  • Sergeant-Major,
  • Quartermaster Sergeant,
  • Ordnance Sergeant,
  • Hospital Steward,
  • First Sergeant,
  • Sergeant,
  • Corporal, and
  • Pioneer.

  • It is not clear whether or not this was optional or mandatory. My guess is optional, depending on combat status.

    There are many variations and examples were carried by both sides during the Civil War.
    I have owned a several of these and they are usually found in good condition but without scabbards.

    If you need further information concerning markings or blades, please post your questions to me directly via E-mail.

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