English Naming Patterns - ca.1700 to ca.1875

English Naming Patterns

{ ca.1700 to ca.1875 }

From the beginning of the 18th Century to end of the 19th Century, the naming convention for children born to English-speaking families often followed a basic pattern. Although the naming convention does not always follow this order, many children's given names originated from their ancestors. For example - the first son was usually named after the father's father. Below is the commonly accepted pattern:

English Naming Patterns

1st Son -------------------------- Father's Father

2nd Son ------------------------- Mother's Father

3rd Son ---------------------------------- Father

4th Son ------------------ Father's Eldest Brother

1st Daughter --------------------- Mother's Mother

2nd Daughter --------------------- Father's Mother

3rd Daughter ------------------------------ Mother

4th Daughter --------------- Mother's Eldest Sister

and so forth.

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