Descendants of James S. Russell of North Carolina and Indiana

Descendants of James S. Russell
of North Carolina and Indiana

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Generation No. 1

1. James S.1 Russell was born April 02, 1818 in Rowan Co., North Carolina, and died 1895 in Polk Township, Washington Co., Indiana. He married Salinda Rose April 30, 1837 in Washington Co., Indiana.

Children of James Russell and Salinda Rose are:
2 i. Elizabeth2 Russell, born November 05, 1842; died October 30, 1911 in Salem, Indiana. She married George W. Short.
+ 3 ii. John Russell, born June 18, 1843 in Clark Co., Indiana; died August 08, 1913 in Conway, Indiana.

Generation No. 2

3. John2 Russell (James S.1) was born June 18, 1843 in Clark Co., Indiana, and died August 08, 1913 in Conway Indiana. He married Rebecca Cassandra Short.

Children of John Russell and Rebecca Short are:
4 i. Dami3 Russell. She married John Morgan in Washington Co. Indiana.
5 ii. Clare Russell. She married Myers.
6 iii. Lizzy Russell.
7 iv. Florence Russell. She married Dave Bobo in Salem, Indiana.
8 v. William F Russell, born May 08, 1870 in Salem, Indiana; died May 08, 1942. He married Hazel Stoler in Anderson, Madison Co., Indiana.
9 vi. Mary Bell Russell, born September 05, 1874; died October 04, 1950 in Pleasant Ridge, Salem, Indiana. She married Bowlling July 17, 1900 in Salem, Indiana.
10 vii. Charles Russell, born October 24, 1878 in Anderson, Madison Co., Indiana; died in Salem, Indiana. He married Marry Loyd.
11 viii. Cora Russell, born June 24, 1886.

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